Online Video: Garden Collage with Stamping


Create a beautiful garden-themed collage and finish with some fun shape stamping!


Kids art tutorial – Garden Collage with Stamping

Cut, glue and stamp your way to a beautiful mixed media garden collage! This slightly abstract artwork utilizes any interesting paper you may have, and acrylic paint. Many skills and steps combine to create a fun piece of art :). Suitable for 5+yos – younger children may require some assistance.

Mess level: 4/5 (acrylic paint does not wash out of fabric easily)

Difficulty level: 3/5 (cutting leaf shapes & making the flower stamp may be tricky for tiny lil hands)

Materials required: paper (A3 if poss), a variety of coloured/painted/patterned papers – light colours will show the darker paint more easily, glue stick, scissors, toilet rolls, scrap cardboard or newspaper folded up, protection for the table & your child’s clothes.

Enjoy putting this lovely mixed media garden together. I’d love to see any of your finished garden artwork – tag me @budding.artists (IG), or email pics to Kirsty 🙂

I discounted this video because I tried a new filming location & there are some shadows – always learning!

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