Online Video: Symmetrical Bug Collage Tutorial


Draw, cut and glue a glorious bug using magazine pages! Nature lovers will adore the simple symmetry of this project. Enjoy!


Kids’ Art Tutorial – Symmetrical Bug Collage with Magazine Paper

This video demonstrates how to create a Symmetrical Bug Collage using colourful magazine pages and a few handy tips.

Age range: 5-12+ years

Difficulty level: 3/5

Mess level: 2/5 (glue stick, paper clippings)

You’ll need: – A4 paper of any colour – scissors – glue stick – colourful paper such as magazine pages, newspaper or even wrapping paper – crayon/oil pastel/pencil/marker

Enjoy putting this lovely bug collage together. I’d love to see any of your finished artwork – tag me @budding.artists (IG), or email pics to Kirsty 🙂