Online Video: Yarn Wall Hanging Tutorial


Use your hands to create a beautiful wall hanging that’ll brighten any room!


Hello! Get crafty and create a beautiful wall hanging using yarn, wool, string, fabric strips, ribbons, or all of the above, like I have :). This would have to be one of my favourite projects to share, and I recently took it down to Nannup Music Festival to make with the crafty music lovers down there!

This project would suit children aged 7+, and younger with assistance. Shot on smartphone in portrait mode, just to try something new! Better for watching on a small screen….let me know if you like it!

Mess level: 1/5

Difficulty level: 3/5 (knots at the beginning, hitch knots to attach yarn)

All you need is: a stick, scissors, some yarn/wool/string/fabric/ribbons etc – about 1 small yarn balls’ worth, somewhere to hang the stick while you work on your hanging, some tape to hold your hanging in place while you work.

Tag me in any pics of finished projects – I’d love to see your efforts and share them with the world via my Facebook or Instagram! Check out more free and paid tutorial videos for arty, crafty kids here at :). Enjoy creating! Kirsty xx

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