Planetscape with metallic oil pastels

“My son has enjoyed your classes over the last couple of years and always reminded me when I needed to enrol him for his next term of art classes. Kirsty is a caring teacher who provides guidance and allows kids to follow their own direction when completing a project” – MB

“Thank you Kirsty for your wonderful art classes for kids. My kids have always left your classes uplifted and with an inner calm, Plus they have a funky crafty piece to hang on the wall, which they often point to and remind me that they want to go back for more :)” – LK

“Thank you for taking my grandson into your classes. He has greatly enjoyed the variety of artefacts and paintings this term, until the ‘nuisance’ virus stopped classes” – BD

“My child loves coming to your art classes. I think it’s her down time each week, where she can just come along and be herself and get creative. She’s always proud to come home and show me what she’s made or created in just a short time, and you make that possible in such a fun, caring and nurturing environment. Thanks, Kirsty!” – PC


‘As a teacher, you are so accommodating and meet individual needs”

“My child comes back from class full of life and confidence. He seems lifted up. Like something magical happened for him today”

“Kirsty is best at catering for all levels of art skills. She lets the kids explore their own creativity within a theme. It’s not a ‘paint by numbers’ art class. That’s what we like”

“My child looks forward to your class every week and thoroughly enjoys herself. Thanks, Kirsty!”

“It’s clear the kids love you, trust you and want to go to classes with you”

(Anonymous quotes from a survey in 2019)


“My girls have so much fun. You are such a great art teacher and offer such a range of craft for their fabulous creative minds. I loved their oil pastel pictures today. I have loved telling all my friends with kids about your class.” – LV

“J loves coming to your classes. It’s a nice little relax time for her, time to be creative, no pressure. You are so encouraging and allow the kids the freedom of their own expression. She has brought home so much lovely art work that she is so proud of. I love how happy your class makes her. Thank you Kirsty xx” – VM

“Thanks so much for the awesome art sessions today. Both the girls had a great time!” – Holiday Workshop customer.

“B loves coming to art because of you, Kirsty. You are friendly, caring and very supportive. Furthermore, you make art fun, and it doesn’t matter if a child isn’t good at art, you make them feel like they are the next Picasso or Vincent Van Gogh. Your enthusiasm is infectious” – FR

“In 2009 my son had the privilege of being a part of Kirsty’s art classes. Kirsty is an enthusiastic artist who facilitates the kids’ exploration through different mediums. She allows the kids the freedom to explore their personal expression within mediums while directing with various techniques that enhance the individual child’s goals. I personally love her ability to step back and just allow them to explore styles, mediums and techniques without being overly directive. She enables the children to ‘own’ their work, in whatever form it takes. My son enjoyed his classes immensely and looked forward to them each week, that is the best testimonial of all.” – RB