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A little blurb about how BA came to be… (hmm, we shall see about ‘little’!)

Well now, to learn about the origins of Budding Artists and my role as an Art Educator, I’d have to take you back to 2001… the heady days of George Dubya’s election win, 9/11 (sheesh!), Douglas Adams and George Harrison being lost to this world (the first making more of an impact on me than the latter – one of my FAVOURITE authors), and I think we are all still a little bit relieved that the prophesied Millennium Bug had failed to eventuate! I’m sure a lot of positive things happened in that year, maybe Justin Beiber was born, I dunno. Ooh, the first Harry Potter movie was released! But I digress…

In my little world, I was a fiesty 21 year old, fresh from my Anthropology Honours, seeking out a direction. A recently-ex-boyfriend’s Dad worked at a riverside, heritage art centre and gallery as the Administrator. Hooray for me – their existing kids’ after school art teacher was off on holidays mid-term, and they needed a fill-in. Apparently I struck Bob as having what it takes, and I was asked if I’d like to help out. There were actually two fill-ins for different age groups- myself and another teacher, the ever-delightful Trudy Gripton. Before long, the original teacher moved to other pastures, and Trudy and I were asked back as the new kids’ art teachers. Trudy took the 9+ year olds, and I had the 5-8s. We were both well-suited to our allocated age ranges – Trudy, studying Interior Architecture at the time, was inspired to share in-depth artistic concepts with her kids; and myself, a sparkly rainbow-girl at heart, who loved/s to get the scissors and glitter and paint out and go for it! We became a lean, mean art-facilitating machine, with classes on simultaneously in different rooms in the old homestead.

So begat a merry flow of happy times. Some days, we’d sit out on the flat grass that faced the reeds on the edge of the Swan River, drawing trees and joggers in charcoal; other times, we’d combine the age groups for a large, colourful group exhibition in the Gallery. It was a lovely, supportive environment, where Art was King. Unquestioned. Valued. Celebrated! Chris Marshall, our friendly Co-Ordinator, was a huge part of setting this tone. Children’s art was an integral part of the community at Atwell Gallery – they were seen as the next generation of artists and art-appreciators, important and underpinning the other operations at the Centre. We were joined later, as the interest in kids’ art grew, by the lovely, sweet Serena Aristei, and experienced Croatian cartoonist, Sanja Stupar. Together, we were a larger kids art posse, one I have incredibly fond memories of!

I found the work to be incredibly satisfying – you had an inspiration, an idea, often originating from the childrens’ interests, which you then acquired the materials for, and shared with your kids. They would then use their creative enthusiasm to make the idea become a reality, right in front of your eyes! Seeing children experience new art practices and materials, helping to broaden their frame of reference in what they can materialise, refining their techniques and habits is just so…. cool! It feels creative for ME as well… I feel as though I/we’ve given life to an idea. And there didn’t have to be any hard soul-searching, alone, worrying whether my own creative abilities were up to a task I’d set for myself. I just love that my work-life is to be engaging in a space dedicated to the pursuit of original, imaginative inquiry. It was a perfect soul-fit!

I’m so grateful to Bob Hollingsworth for taking that chance on me, back in ’01. It set me on a path, for sure. I was at Atwell Gallery for nine fabulous years, during which time I moved into the Best Share House of All Time, met my lovely partner <3, completed a GradDipEd, and had a couple of babies. That place was so good to me! My spirit kind of got moulded by it, in a way that no job had affected me before.

I finally moved on to another job teaching kids’ art to the younger set, at Karen Frankel’s studio. After so long at Atwell, it was great to see how things were done at a different establishment. Karen is an incredibly friendly, generous, caring and real person to work for. I thoroughly enjoyed my year with her and the regular kids who appreciate Karen’s affable temperament and love of Art.

Some Little Artists at Karen Frankel Studio c2010


It was the purchase of our first home a little further out of town that caused me to regretfully say goodbye to Karen, and begin thinking about my future with kids’ art. Do I dare strike out on my own? Checking to ensure that no other similar businesses were operating close by, I began the process of turning a thought, a dream, into reality. What to call this enterprise? Ooh, surprisingly my favourite name, Budding Artists, is available!! Where to set up shop? My first choice would be the Midland Junction Arts Centre – ooh, it’s available too! How will I do the Admin side, the Business side? I’m used to turning inspiration into reality… it’ll come.


A Bemasked Budding Artiste


From very humble beginnings – my first class consisted of three kids, 33% of whom were my own offspring… to three and a half years later, running three weekly classes and School Holiday workshops, lots of which sell out soon after releasing them! I’ve had a stint at the Art Gallery of WA, during school holidays for the Victoria and Albert Princely Treasures. And soon I’ll be combining materials into kids’ craft kits… we’re nearly there for those (I’ve always loved making goody bags for parties 🙂 … all fitting beautifully around homeschooling my two boys. I couldn’t be more lucky!

A Princely Treasure

So, there we have it.. the story of a chance, an opportunity, that set me on a journey to owning my own kids’ art business. I look forward to seeing what the next 14 years will hold for me and kids’ art! Yours in arty adventure, Kirsty 🙂

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T3 ’14 Enrolment Email

Hello, lovelies! 🙂

I hope you’re all enjoying your break, and managing to squeeze in some relax-time. We had some arty holiday fun last week, with all four holiday workshops filling up! Wonderful. See the Facebook page for pics of our activities (link below)!

Term 3 at Budding Artists is now open for enrolments. **Please note that, as I’ll be away in Week 1, and getting home very late the night before Week 2’s class, term will START IN WEEK 3 (Wed 6th August).** It will therefore be an 8 week term.




WHEN: Wednesday afternoons

2:30-3:30pm Homeschoolers’ class (5-12+yo);

3:45-4:45pm Schoolkids’ class (5-8yo);

5-6pm Schoolkids’class (5-12+yo);

Wed 6th August – Wed 24th Sept (8 weeks).


WHERE: Hazelmere Community Hall, Bushmead Rd, Hazelmere (between West Pde and Hazelmere Cres, with tennis courts and playground).

WHAT: The childrens’ requests will be gathered in the first class, and the program developed including those ideas. A range of drawing, painting, craft, collage, sculpture and more will be covered! A Father’s Day gift is on the cards too. Works will be gathered for entry into the Junior Art Exhibition at the Darlington Arts Festival (optional), which happens in early November. See below for our list of activities completed in Term 2 and the July Holiday Workshops, in the Term Wrap.

WHO: Kirsty McIntosh is an experienced art educator, qualified teacher, holds a valid Working with Children Check, and has been running kids art classes since 2001. Budding Artists, Kirsty’s own business venture, has been in operation since 2011, in the Midland area. She has been reported to say that she thinks it’s the best job in the world.

WHY: Budding Artists art classes are geared at enabling children to explore and create at their own level, freely and without criticism. Their enjoyment and engagement with the materials and concepts are paramount.

COST: Fees start at $18/class, however a discount is offered for enrolling more than one child (siblings/friends). The second child’s fees are $16/class, the third child’s fees are $13/class. Fees payable by term, except for one trial class for new customers, payable separately. Payment details will be given on enrolment.

VIPs (children enrolling in their 3rd term and beyond) receive a discount.

Home Based Learning Network members receive a discount on quoting their membership number.


Please note that the 5-6pm timeslot is now open to 5+ year olds. The upper age limit (12+) is also now extended for older children who enjoy creating a range of artistic pieces.

Parents are very welcome to stay for as long as you and your child need 🙂 You are also quite welcome to drop your child off in my care.

If you wish to enrol in Term 3 at Budding Artists, please reply with your children’s names, ages, your preferred class, and whether your child has any allergies or medical condition. In response, you’ll receive a Welcome Email with all of the details you’ll need to begin.

Hot off the press: Budding Artists has been featured in SCOOP Magazine’s Perth Guide!   (we’re on page 60!).

A happy customer writes: “J loves coming to your classes. It’s a nice little relax time for her, time to be creative, no pressure. You are so encouraging and allow the kids the freedom of their own expression. She has brought home so much lovely art work that she is so proud of. I love how happy your class makes her. Thank you Kirsty xx”. VM – Mum of a Budding Artist :)

See below for our Term 2 and Holiday Workshop WRAP 🙂

Enjoy your day, Kirsty 🙂

Kirsty McIntosh


0421 988 562




Term 2, 2104 featured some lovely artworks and creative moments!

Children created:







In the SOLD OUT July School Holiday Workshops, children made:





Another fun and colourful block of projects! See the Facebook page

for the photos, and other info. Also, check out my new website

for lots of Budding Artists stuff!

cropped-1656354_672797859449393_199732947_n.jpgAnnnnnd that’s a wrap! Have a great one, Kirsty 🙂